A Universal Wallet image is an innovative crypto wallet that you can use for multiple reasons. After registering for free, you can benefit the crypto wallet function, with 7 basic cryptocurrencies and 7 fiat. The cryptocurrencies supported are Bitcoin(BTC), Ethereum(ETH), Ripple(XRP), Litecoin(LTC), Bitcoin Cash(BTC), Binance Coin(BCC) and their Ethereum-based coin, The fiat supported are Euro, US Dollar, British Pound, Singapore Dollar so far. The big difference with other wallets is that you can use the funds of your wallet, with a Visa debit card. So, with this wallet you can access, manage, transfer and in the future spend your funds, using the MCO Visa card associated to your account, easily. You can also top up with a bank transfer, debit or credit card, or crypto, investing in crypto coins. It is successfully following their roadmap so far and cards have been shipped to the Asia owners.

With this wallet, you can also exchange and trade the cryptocurrency you own, real time in competitive prices. The fiat interbank exchange rates are cheaper 5-8% versus the high street banks and there is no fee for crypto exchange. There is also an auto-invest function in their mobile app, where you can deposit a certain amount and their professional traders take care of your investment amount. There is transparency in your investment, as you can track all the details in the app. In the Track function, you can easily monitor 200 coins at your fingertips, including prices (in USD and BTC), volume, market cap, % change and more.

Limited Offer

For serious active investors and people that manage their cryptocurrency often, there is a big-deal opportunity with a sign-up bonus to download the app and register. You can earn 20 USD, using the code, regardless the card you order, there is no other restriction. You only need an email address, phone number and identification document to register! Note that new users that have registered in the App have 3 days to key in the referral code (Settings).

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